Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun with Vinyl

As I have mentioned before I love my Silhouette Cutting machine. It is awesome. I use it all the time these days, mostly to cut vinyl lettering. Here are a few of my most recent projects that I have been cutting out.

America Sign
I am signed up for all those Group deal emails these days, because I love a deal. Recently, this was being offered as a deal to buy just the lettering for $6. I thought, I can totally make that. The deal actually appeared on my mother's birthday and she is a big- all things America kind of gal, so I thought it would make a perfect gift. I liked it so much, I just had to make one for me also.
I found 2 scrap pieces of wood out in the garage one was 7"x 13" and the other slightly larger 8" x 20". I liked that they weren't perfect and had a knot or two in them. I didn't even bother cutting them down I thought that it might be fun to have it big. Wood = Free

Then I just used a little white spray paint I had on hand. Since I was planning on sanding it down after I just did a light coat of the paint. Then sanded it down to make it look old and worn.
Paint = Free.
Last I cut out my saying and attached it. It says "America land of the free because of the brave" Vinyl = Free! A totally free and easy to make project.

I think that they turned out really cute. I gave my mom the bigger of the two and she loved it. It was so easy to make.


Another project I recently made was for the end of the school year teacher gifts. I got this idea in a magazine but changed it up a little. I bought some hand soap from the store for a couple of dollars. Then my husband burned the front sticker off for me. I guess he just heated up the sticker and then it was able to be pulled off easily. I use Goof-off to get off any remaining residue. Then I just selected an apple and wrote A+ Teacher, and had my Silhouette cut it out. it was that simple. I thought it was s cute and fun gift for the teacher. Something they can definitely use but it is was still inexpensive and personal.


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