Friday, May 21, 2010

Susan Susanka - Architect

Susan Susanka is one of my favorite Architects. She is famous for creating the Not So Big House. She has many books on her ideas and designs, this is how I happened upon her. Susan's idea is that there is too many homes today that are built to be a huge mansion and they lack the personality and comfort feeling that most people want in a home. "Build better, not bigger" is her motto and it is reflected in her designs.

I really like this family room. You can tell it in a smaller room but yet very comfortable. There is lots of seating for watching TV or for a casual conversation. Every space is well used, she designs lots of places for Books and other decorations to be displayed.
In this Master bedroom, she uses some of the same architectural elements like the built in book cases, that make use of every space. Also, I love window seats. I think that a window seat is a simple way to bring seating in to a room with out taking up to much of the floor space. It just seems to relaxing to sit right by the window and read a book.

Susan has so many ideas that anyone can add into their own home to give it that personal touch with out going for bigger living spaces. You can learn more of her ideas at Not So Big House.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

.O. Bathroom Project

This is a bathroom in my parents home, it is really quite boring. White walls, oak cabinets and plain old out dated fixtures. This room has no natural light, and a old light fixture (which I plan to change out in the future). I wanted to bring color and a calm feeling into this room. Since this room is used daily it still need to be very functional.

This is a drawing of the room as it is. Pretty boring.
This is the inspiration I had, to add Stripes to the walls. I originally thought of doing a Yellow/cream color but then decide to do Cliveden Sandstone, Which is a light tan color. I also, used a darker Mahogany stain on the cabinets, but sanded some areas to give it a warn look.
I have seen this technique before in magazines and on design shows, so I really wanted to try it out. This is what you do, buy 2 gallons of the same color but one in a Satin finish and one in Semi-gloss finish. The differnces in the finish will give the walls a very subtle texture. Here is the room after we had marked all our lines with the tape. (this room was making me way dizzy when it was like this.)

I think this project turned out really good. I learned a few tricks to the stripe technique. I love the peaceful calming feel in this bathroom. I'm still looking for a few additional decorative pieces, but those will come in time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! I have always been inspired by design, I hope this blog can continue to inspire me and all of you. Inspiration for me can be found almost anywhere, I am always on the look out for something new and different. So check back often to see what I am up too, I love comments to be sure to let me know what you think. If you are wanting some help with your space send me an email