Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nightstand for .W.

My friend Becca asked me to help her with some of her furniture that she just wanted to change up. After, talking back and forth for a while we finally got it started. She has some really great wood furniture that just needs some little TLC. The first thing she wanted to change was this cute little nightstand. She hated the red color, it just didn't go with anything in her bedroom.

I like how this night stand is just little but has some good detail to it. It is also a very sturdy piece. First, I used Rust-Oleum Primer and coated it really good.

I was so ecstatic when she said that she wanted to paint it in a light blue color. I have been dying to paint some thing in a Turquoise color. Turquoise is everywhere right now, it was the color of the year last year but it is still going strong! We picked the Rust-Oleum spray paint in Aqua. I was so happy with how it looked.

Of course I couldn't resist glazing it. Have I mentioned it is my favorite thing ever! I used Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze. Just painted it on very generously and then wiped off with a damp rag. I just wiped off until I got the look I wanted, or added more as needed. I love how it just give the details a little definition.

I also replaced the drawer pull, I found this great round pull at home Depot for about $3. It just updates the whole thing.

I totally love it and Becca did too. So exciting. I am on the search for the next thing I can paint this color!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Wreath

According to the calendar Spring should be here. But we only get a small glimpse of it every few days. So I wanted to make something that would really bring some fun bright colors in to my home. I found a zillion ideas for ribbon wreaths back in December when I was looking for my Christmas wreath. So I filed this idea away for the future. I thought this would be a prefect ways to bring all things Spring inside and just in time for Easter.

My friend Brie loved the idea too and wanted to make one also. We started with a 12 inch floral hoop from JoAnn's $4.99 (used a 40% off coupon) = $3! And then I bought tons of ribbon. You honestly need about 24 to 25 YARDS of ribbon to to make sure you cover it well. I also used up any old ribbon I had around the house, So I spent about $15 in ribbon. Buy it in bulk if possible. I bought most of it at Walmart and searched for the rolls with the most yardage for the same price. My friend also got about the same amount of ribbon and we mixed the colors for more variety.

We cut the ribbon into about 18" strips, nothing scientific just depending on the thickness of the ribbon as to how it would tie around . Then we started to tie the ribbon on the hoop. Starting with the thicker pieces to cover the whole loop, then moving on to thinner ribbon to go on top. It took a couple of hours all together but it was sure fun to do with a friend. Doesn't it look so festive and fun.

It really did take a lot of ribbon but if you are like me and hang on to a zillion of little scraps, this is a fun way to use them up. I think the Ric Rac and the cute flower ribbon really add a fun punch.

How are you welcoming in Spring?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bathroom Sign

Last summer, I painted and redecorated my bathroom. For a really long time I have been looking for some wall art for it to finish the look. I just hadn't found the right thing. So my sister was telling me about this metal sign she found at Hobby Lobby. She wanted me to make her some vinyl lettering to go on hers. And I thought that it would work perfect in my bathroom too. I have a saying that I have wanted to make for some time and this was perfect.

This is the original sign bought for $15 (after 50% off) at Hobby Lobby. I loved the details along the edges. After I got it home, I realized it is the exact same color as the walls. Since that wouldn't work I decided to paint it green, since I have other elements of green in the room.

After I primed it with Krylon Primer, I used Ivy Leaf Kylon spray paint that I already had on hand.

I like the green but thought it was too bright for the room, and I love the detail, yet it seemed to disappear along the edges. So I had to glaze it - which honestly is my favorite thing.

I covered it very heavily using a brush to make sure I got it in all the little nooks and crannies.

Then using a damp cloth, I wiped off all the Glaze. Being careful not to wipe too much back off. I was very pleased with how it really made it stand out.

I love the saying "In a world where you can be anything... BE YOURSELF!" I don't know who said it but I really love it and have wanted to make a sign for a while. I cut my vinyl letters out with my new Silhouette SD machine. I love this machine! Unlike it's competitors, you use your computer to design what ever you want and are not limited to buying the cartridges. It is awesome. And my Hubby has actually used it even more then me!

Here is the finished project

Awesome, Huh! I am so excited to have it done, it turned out just how I wanted. Total cost was just $15 for the sign, everything else I had here on hand. I love quick and thrifty projects like this. Remember, if you find something you like at the store but it's not the right color you can change it up for pretty inexpensive and make it a custom item for your home.