Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Wreath

According to the calendar Spring should be here. But we only get a small glimpse of it every few days. So I wanted to make something that would really bring some fun bright colors in to my home. I found a zillion ideas for ribbon wreaths back in December when I was looking for my Christmas wreath. So I filed this idea away for the future. I thought this would be a prefect ways to bring all things Spring inside and just in time for Easter.

My friend Brie loved the idea too and wanted to make one also. We started with a 12 inch floral hoop from JoAnn's $4.99 (used a 40% off coupon) = $3! And then I bought tons of ribbon. You honestly need about 24 to 25 YARDS of ribbon to to make sure you cover it well. I also used up any old ribbon I had around the house, So I spent about $15 in ribbon. Buy it in bulk if possible. I bought most of it at Walmart and searched for the rolls with the most yardage for the same price. My friend also got about the same amount of ribbon and we mixed the colors for more variety.

We cut the ribbon into about 18" strips, nothing scientific just depending on the thickness of the ribbon as to how it would tie around . Then we started to tie the ribbon on the hoop. Starting with the thicker pieces to cover the whole loop, then moving on to thinner ribbon to go on top. It took a couple of hours all together but it was sure fun to do with a friend. Doesn't it look so festive and fun.

It really did take a lot of ribbon but if you are like me and hang on to a zillion of little scraps, this is a fun way to use them up. I think the Ric Rac and the cute flower ribbon really add a fun punch.

How are you welcoming in Spring?



Becca Jane said...

Wow, I love it!! I'm so jealous of how crafty and creative you are! I was NOT blessed with those!!

craftyjules said...