Monday, June 18, 2012

Subway Sign

 For Fathers day I really wanted to get something cool for the hubby. He is a little obsessed with biking and I really wanted to get him something cool. I love the look of subway signs these days and they are very popular. So I searched everywhere, but could not find anything. So the next best thing, make it my self. So I got out my silhouette and got to work. 
 So I bought a canvas board from Joann's. It came in a 3 pack for $14.99, used a 40% off coupon and paid $9.00.  Then I spray painted the board black.

I then brainstormed a bunch of words that described  what biking was like for my hubby. and then arranged them so they would fit on to the vinyl. Since my vinyl is only 8 inches wide and built it using 2 pieces. I lined it up on the board and stuck it down.

 Once it was all stuck down as best as it would, (I think I used some old vinyl cause it didn't want to stick very well)I put tape on the edges as to not get paint on them. Then I sprayed over the front with white paint.

 Then after a few lite coats of spray paint. I pulled the vinyl off. If you look close you could see that the spray paint did bleed a little bit under the vinyl. This mad me very up set being that I had already spend many hours on this project. Then I had an idea. I decided to lightly sand they whole board. I was worried that the paint would really come off but it didn't. I sanded quite a bit till I got the desired look I wanted.  I like how this also gave it a little bit of an aged look. 

The finished product! I love it and so did my hubby. This project really was so easy and so I have many more plans for more signs.


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