Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been working on many holiday crafts lately. I just had to make these amazing wreaths. I have made two different ones so far, in my searches I have found many more I just will have to make through out the year.

The first one I made I got the idea from All Things Thrifty Lima Bean Wreath. I fell in love with it and wanted to make me one. Once I decided I wanted to hang it on my french doors I decided I needed two. While shopping at JoAnn's, I was inspired to try and make a square wreath instead. Who ever said they had to all be round??? I purchased 2- 12x12 pieces of Styrofoam, about an inch thick, for $5 each and used a 40% off coupon.
I cut out the center of each square to make a 6inch square in the middle. Then I also trimmed a little of the corners so it was rounded and not so square. (just a side note... I hate the sound of Styrofoam, so this was difficult for me to get through.) But I'm sure glad I did.

The example used Lima beans, but I have a million Pinto beans lying around (honestly I wont be cooking them anytime soon). Since I plan on painting the wreaths anyway, it will be no big deal. Pinto beans - FREE! I hot glued them on at a 45 degree angle.

It took just a little less then a 1 lb. bag of Pinto beans to do each wreath. (I will have to think of another project for the other 20 bags I have been storing.) It was pretty tedious work and took about 4 hours for the first one and about half the time on the second. Minus the 15 minute break when I burned my finger so bad that I sat there wanting to cry. But I did make it through.

I wanted to paint my wreaths Red. It has to be one of my favorite colors. So first I sprayed it with white Primer which really made all the dumb glue strings stand out. Then I sprayed it with the Red. Which helped re-hide some of the glue and the white cracks between the beans. Tied it up with some ribbon that I also purchased at JoAnn's for a few dollars.
And here is the finished project.

I really think it turned out awesome. They fit in the space perfectly and just add a fun look to the glass doors. Both wreaths were about $10 together!!!
Another wreath I made was based on function more then just aesthetics. I have really wanted a fun way to display all of those Christmas cards from family and friends. In years past I would just tape them on the door but It looked pretty bad. So I searched and searched for inspiration on an idea. I knew I still wanted it on the door because of lack of space to put another object and I wanted it where we will all see them. After, a couple different trips to different craft stores I found the wire wreath frame for about $4 and this block "W" for $5. I painted the "W" green with paint I had on hand. Then, I bought a package of clips for $3 and the ribbon was some I already had. I Think it turned out great for about $12!!! It makes all the cards look amazing and it is fun to have a place for them all to go.



Anonymous said...

I love the red wreaths! I have been working on round ones with lima beans, I never even thought about spray painting them, I love that. I love you blog there are so many cute things and great ideas!

julie said...

so cute. they look great red. also love the w!

bbmw06 said...

Those are so flippen cute!!! I cant wait to see the others!!