Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My last post was 3 months ago, hello did I die or something!!! Yeah it is a bit ridiculous I might have to admit but it can easily be explained all at the same time with a couple of words PREGNANCY and WINTER. So now that is it warming up and I'm not wanting to sleep all day I want to get back to being creative. I need it. It makes me feel alive to be able to create something beautiful or fun. So I'm admitting this to get my self on the ball again and start creating. I have many projects in my head or already half way in the works, so here is a sneak peak at a few that I hope to finish and post about soon.

A picture for my bathroom

A daddy of all projects the console T.V. - their making a come back.... well in a new way.
So keep posted and thanks for sticking with me on this.


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Becca Jane said...

Lisa, I have a BUNCH of furniture painting projects I want to do...are you feeling up to it? If so, we could either do them together, or I could just pay you to do them. Everything just needs to be repainted...that desk I showed you, a nightstand, a small armiore, and I want to paint our crib. What do you think?