Monday, September 5, 2011

Boys Only Room

Since we were expecting a new baby this summer we decide to pretty much rearrange the whole house and change every ones rooms around. The baby has come and has kept me really busy so It has taken time to get these posts online.

This is the new room for my 2 boys ages 9 and 7. Up until this point we had 2 bedrooms, the Master and then we had our 3 kids in one room. It was pretty tight in there but we made it work, but it wouldn't work for 4 kids. So we built a new room which now became the master (a post on that soon). Then we told the boys they will get our old room and be able to decorate it and make it all cool. Of course I had big plans for their room and my son "L" was very excited to get it started.

The before - very boring White walls.
We wanted color in the room and I wanted to do a green and blue. "L" came with me to pick out the colors and they were all so excited to start painting.
These were my 3 little helpers. They did awesome no spilled paint and we got it done really fast.

Pretty bright colors, but we were very excited to move the furniture in. The boys have always had bunk beds so I really wanted to give them the chance to have their own separate areas and to really decorate it the way they want. And boy did they ever! It is really cool to see their individual personalities really come out.
We went to IKEA and Home Depot to purchased some shelves, rugs, and hooks to hang skate boards, and snowboards. We moved their desks into there room (you can check out that projects here Boys Desks). I also purchased the large paper mache letters and spray painted them in Nickel. They love their room, they love that they created it and that is their own space. We had a great time decorating and organizing it all together. It is so cool that their little sister really wants to sleep in there too.
We have also decorated the Girls room and the master all within less then a month. It was really busy around here, but we had a new baby coming and so we had a short time. I will post about those rooms soon.


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