Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Fever

Have you been hit by the Halloween bug yet? This is my very favorite time of year I love Halloween. I haven't been able to jump in to the Halloween Ghoulish Spirit as much as I want to yet but I will.
So to kick off the holiday, I spent this last weekend with my friend Brie getting all creative. She found these very cute block signs at The Wood Connection. First, we painted the SPOOKY sign, and had so much fun that we got together again that evening to do the BOO sign. This was something I really needed. It felt like it had been FOREVER since I did a craft. Thanks Brie for sharing with me.

On the SPOOKY sign we painted the letters, then mod podged paper on top. Finally, we added Sparkle on the Bats and Eyes to give it a little bling.

On the BOO sign, I wanted it to be a darker look to it (not so bright and fun). We did the same by painting the letters and then mod podgeing (is that a word - well it is now!) paper on top. After I added a black glaze on each letter to darken it up and to make the wainscoting on the second "O" to stand out more.


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craftyjules said...

So cute! I want to be invited to the crafting party next time!