Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tricked out Treats!

 Every Halloween we have a family Halloween party and my favorite part is the food. It is so fun to make the spooky creepy menu. What a great excuse to play with your food. This year we had ordered pizza for the main dish (it easy) but the fun came in the side dishes. The labels are a must - even if it is a everyday item that you are serving it is fun to get creative and turn it Spooky!

BONES - Breadsticks

BLOOD - Marinara Sauce to go with the Bones
BEATLES - Olives 

FINGERS - Carrots

 BATS BREW and SPIDER CIDER - Sprite and Root Beer

 For an Neighborhood party I made some WITCHES HATS. I found this recipe online at There are millions of fun ideas out there, I had a blast just searching through some very fun Halloween ideas.

Last year we focused more on the Halloween deserts. Here is some BUG COOKIES. I made the chocolate bugs with melted chocolate and M&M's. And bunt CAKE with spiders on it.

EYE BALLS - white doughnuts with green M&M's and red gel frosting and EYE BALL COOKIES with peach jelly rings, brown M&M's and red gel frosting.

What fun... I'm already making plans for next years menu!!!

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Ward said...

So fun and so cute :)