Saturday, January 14, 2012

Barbie's Dream House Project .. Part 1

 For Christmas my little girl had her heart set on a Princess Castle or Barbie dream house she saw in the Toy 'R' Us catalog. She talked about it for months. Then she stopped talking about it and wished about other things. Well just a few days before Christmas she brings it up again, asking if I had her Castle hidden under by bed and stuff like that. Well this wasn't in our plans for Christmas, they can be so expensive in the stores and honestly sometimes just really cheap in quality. Oh boy I knew we were in for it come Christmas morning, and she did wonder where it was but quickly forgot and was happy with her other presents. Not so lucky for us her Birthday is just a week later and the Castle was questioned once again.

Luckily, though back in the good year of 1985, my dad made me an amazing Barbie Doll House. We have moved this puppy around from house to house and it was currently sitting in our storage unit. Here it is in all it's glory in 1985, yes that is me as a super excited 6 year old on Christmas morning. (mann, picture have come a long way.) 
 I wish I had more pictures of the inside and the different rooms. There was a kitchen with cabinets, stove and frig. Also a bathroom with tub and sink. It was awesome I loved it, I spent so many hours playing with this house.

This house is really massive actually, and we really debated about getting it out again for Bella, cause we don't have much space but we know that she would love it. We decided to fix it up, but not as a birthday present so that down the road both girls could play with it and it's not just for her. So this is my current project I have embarked on.  Lets just say that the last 25+ years hasn't been too good to her. I remember putting stickers on the walls and roof, and just being stored for this long it got really beat up.  

The minute we brought it home Logan wanted to start demolition, and he did. I had it in my mind that we were just going to fix a few things and get it ready for playing quickly.  Pretty soon out is coming the carpet and all fixtures. I actually got emotional there for a second. But then once I really looked at the horrible state the house was in, I knew it had to be done.

 The front

 The kitchen - minus the upper cabinets

 The Bathroom

 The back of the house showing all rooms.

Since this is going to be a huge project, I will show you the progress we make along the way. So stay tuned for more results and the big revile. I have found some amazing Barbie House re-dues online that have inspired me like this one Inside the Barbie Craft Room. Yeah, I'm not going to that extreme but it does give me some fun ideas!


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craftyjules said...

ah the memories! You were such a cute six year old! can't wait to see how she turns out! and maybe this will motivate me to take on mine as a project sooner than I had planned on. maybe... ;)