Monday, February 20, 2012

Canvas photos

 Have you seen those awesome photographs printed on canvas. Yeah, they are everywhere these days. But have you seen the prices? Outrageous - $100 and up.  I've been drooling over the "Groupons" offering some good deals but even at half price they could be really pricey, especially when I want 4 of them. So I did the next best thing. I did it my self for a tenth of the price! And they look amazing! Here how we do it.
Here is what we need
Black paint
Mod Podge 
Wax Paper
Sponge brush

Find a photo and have it enlarged - BIG! I took my photo's to Costco and had them blown up to 16x20 - each photo was $5.75. Which is an amazing deal for the high quality the pictures are. Cut it down to fit on your canvas, I cut mine just an 1/8" smaller so that it wasn't right to the edge. I knew I wanted the picture to be square and I originally wanted a canvas 14x14 but of course it was hard to find. So I got a canvas that was 16x16, I figured the bigger the better and luckily my picture was at already that size.  The canvas was $9.99 (with 50% discount).
 Then, paint the edges of the canvas black, I also painted in a little bit on the front of the canvas just so there would not be any white showing at all. Paint (already had) = free

 Next I put a good layer of Mod Podge all over the front of the canvas. Also, already had this = Free.
 I put the wax paper down so that when I set the photo face down it would not get any crap on it. Then I also, put a layer of the Mod Podge on the back of the photo and carefully matched it on top of the canvas. 
 Since my canvas is 2" thick it was a little hard to push it down, so I flipped it over so I could smooth it out and glue it down tight. Make sure to put a towel underneath.
 Next, I added a thin layer of Mod Podge on the front of the photo. It goes on creamy but it will dry clear so don't worry. I like how it adds a little layer of texture to the photo, more like real canvas.

 Last step, I took the dry sponge and put a little amount of paint around the edges just to blend in the picture.
I love, love, LOVE how it turned out. They look so amazing and drum roll please.... total cost $15.74! That probably wouldn't even cover the shipping from the online stores. What a truly amazing project! I have to give a shout out to my friend {britneyb} for taking these amazing pictures. I'm so glad that I finally am getting around to displaying them in my home. Go and check her out! Want to see them all finished and hanging on the wall?? I will post about that soon.



craftyjules said...

wow! can't wait to see them in person!

craftyjules said...

Made 'em!

Check them out here:

Thanks for the great idea and tutorial!

Al Hannah said...

Thanks so much. Great little tutorial. I have 9 canvasses to do, and now I feel confident that mod podge is the right product!