Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Table

I bought this little table at Down East Home back in the Spring. This piece is actually from Pottery Barn Kids, it is the Cameron wall base for a shelving system. It sells for over $300, I paid $30! Great deal! I bought it with the idea of using for a coffee table in my family room. It is a little small for my couch but my space is small so I think it helps having it a little smaller.
Yet, the bright white wasn't doing it for me I wanted some color, and my Daughter had colored crayon on it. So it was ready for a little change. I wanted to go Red. I bought Banner Red color Kryon spray paint paint, my favorite way to paint now. Paint is about $3 a can at Walmart. It took less then a can of primer that I had on hand, and 2 cans of the red to get the even coverage I wanted.

Next, I wanted to glaze it like I did with the chair. I used the same Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze tinted black. I had to read the instructions on the All Things Thrifty Glazing Furniture 101 blog post again to make sure I was doing it right. This time it went to much smoother. It was so easy to give it the look I was going for. It is just a little glaze in the edges and cracks but it makes a big difference from having bright red. It really just gives it some character.

Here it is in my living room with the new pillows and chair I did earlier.
Total cost for this project $36!Do you like it? I love it.


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Becca Jane said...

Yes, I love it!! You've got a great eye for this stuff! Have you been to the little shop up on K St and 9th Ave? GREAT deals on adorable furniture!! You could have some fun in there!