Friday, September 17, 2010

New Colors

I have recently rearranged my family room area, and I was tired of the same old throw pillows I have had for a while now. The colors I have had are red and blue and just wanted a new fresh change of color. New pillows are so easy to do and add so much to a room. I bought some fabric at JoAnn's (at the Labor day sale they had their home furnishings fabric on sale along with multiple coupons - great deals!). I only needed about a half of yard of each to make the pillows. I spent about $15 in fabric, and I still have tons left over. Then I also purchased the zippers for each of the 4 pillows. I have only attempted sewing a zipper once before. It was actually really easy, and I didn't know before that you can always make them shorter, so buy the long one if you can't find the right size. I think they turned out really good and I like the nice snug fit the zipper gives to the pillows. I love this bright green and the light blue. These are similar colors to the fabric I used for Grandma's Chair, and so they tie in nicely together. I really love how they turned out, they just make you happy looking at them.


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